motto: Embracing novelty: The rule that rules must be broken.

University of Twente
Since June 2017, I am associate professor at the University of Twente in the Interaction Design Group. Our group is in the Department of Design, Production and Management of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. I am also a DesignLab fellow. I contribute to the bachelor programmes of Creative Technology and Industrial Design and to the master programme of Industrial Design Engineering (track Human Technology Relations). My current research centers around around how the design of products and services influences people’s behaviour and motivation and has a dedicated area here.

University of Technology Sydney
Since Oktober 2016, I am a visiting fellow at the University of Technology Sydney. At UTS I explore new research directions in the field of wellbeing, emotions and memory.

Board of Design & Emotion Society 
Since 2008, I have been a member of the board of the Design & Emotion Society. I was involved in organizing the previous four international conferences of this organization, Chicago in 2010 (member of organizational committee), London in 2012 and Bogota in 2014 (member of program committee). The 10th International Conference on Design & Emotion was held in Amsterdam in September 2016 (Program co-chair).

Research Consultant at Novay (Telematica Institute)
I have worked as a research consultant at ICT innovation institute Novay in Enschede from 2008-2012. Here, I was user experience consultant for a range of (EU-)projects and project leader in several design for behaviour change projects, of which the SmartCoaching project in 2012 was the largest. This project was a collaboration between Novay, TNO, Gemeente Enschede, VGZ and Mobihealth. The project’s goal was to explore how mobile technology can support the combination of self management and interpersonal coaching in order to be most effective. Mobile coaching services have unique opportunities because they van be close to the user at any moment and at any place. This both provides good (continued) measuring conditions and new feedback  opportunities (for example, personal and context specific). During my time at Novay I gained experience in developing services in collaborations with industrial parties.

I have a master degree in Industrial Design Engineering (MSc – TU Delft) and received my PhD for work on multisensory design and product experience in 2008. During my PhD, I analysed how designers create surprises by introducing sensory incongruities in products. Surprises create novel experiences and can be pleasant and evoke interest. New production techniques such as 3D printing and interactive technologies offer many opportunities to create surprise. A designer might for example create a lamp that looks like it is made out of paper but that feels rigid and much heavier. During my PhD, I studied what other emotional reactions surprising products can evoke and how designers might best use sensory incongruities to create a desired experience. You can download my thesis from the repository of Delft University of Technology.