Coming soon: Design for Behaviour Change edited book

We have just finished correcting the proofs of our edited book on Design for Behaviour Change (Theories and Practices on Designing for Change) and it will be out in September 2017. This book will be published in the Design for Responsibility series by Routledge and is edited by prof. Kristina Niedderer, dr. Stephen Clune and dr. Geke Ludden. See more.

The book presents an overview of current approaches dedicated to understanding how design may be used intentionally to make changes to improve a range of problematic social and environmental issues. It offers a cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral overview of different academic theories adopted and applied to design for behaviour change.

The aim of the volume is twofold: firstly, to provide an overview of existing design models that integrate theories of change from differing scientific backgrounds; secondly, to offer an overview of application of key design for behaviour change approaches as used across case studies in different sectors, such as design for health and wellbeing, sustainability, safety, design against crime and social design. Design for Behaviour Change will appeal to designers, design students and practitioners of behavioural change.