Fair Fashion Tech at University of Twente Designlab


On Thursday February 8, we will celebrate the presentation of the Textile Reflexes prototype (funded by WEAR SUSTAIN). This hi–tech robot vest for posture correction is developed by Hellen van Rees (Fashion Designer), Angelika Mader (University of Twente) and me. And because celebrating alone isn’t any fun, we have invited some guests to join us:

Marina Toeters will present Closed Loop Smart Athleisure fashion;  Troy Nachtigall will present Solemaker; Kristin Neidlinger and Edwin Dertien will present their new project Flexo and Pauline van Dongen will present Issho.

We will also take the opportunity to discuss a sustainable future for wearable technology. Joining us for this discussion will be Oscar Tomico and Valérie Lamontagne of 3lectromode.  Looking forward to welcoming everyone!

You can still sign up for this event.