Symposium at IDE TU Delft

IMG_6536January 11th, I will be at Delft University of Technology to act as an opponent in the PhD defence of Jay Yoon. I am looking forward to discussing his thesis “Escaping the emotional blur: Design tools for facilitating positive emotional granularity” with him!

Preceding the defence, the Faculty of Industrial Design has organised a symposium where three of the committee members (including me) will be speaking. The title of the symposium is ‘What can the social sciences learn from design research’ . I am absolutely thrilled by this title, not in the least because 12 years ago (!), while I was a PhD students at IDE TU Delft, I co-organised a symposium with almost the reverse (sub)title – ‘How the human sciences infuse design’ (see image for the poster that was made for this symposium). This was when Donald Norman received an honorary doctorate from TU Delft.

Apparently, the field of design (research) has matured over the past 12 years and has come to the understanding that the discipline can do more than borrowing and adapting existing methodologies; it also has something to offer to other disciplines. The unique ways of working and thinking in design can help society make the changes we need to make.

Please join the discussion tomorrow or some other time!